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Strength in numbers

Enterprising minds possess the innate ability to create innovative business ideas driven by a powerful vision. However, entrepreneurs often lack the skills necessary to effectively execute the financial and administrative aspects of a business.
Aryan provides the perfect balance; offering visionaries a solid foundation from which to grow.

Contractual Services

Partnership Agreements and Contracts in Accordance with UAE/GCC Laws– Aryan’s in-house IP is available to administer expert advice on Partnerships, Shareholding and other Corporate Agreements based on UAE/GCC laws and regulations using our network of associates

Advice on Labour-Related Topics –
In line with the country’s labour law and best practices in human resource management, Aryan is able to advise clients on recruitment, employee contracts, KRA’s and allied deliverables.

Due Diligence

In-bound and Out-bound Expansion Strategies (Middle East, India and Eastern Europe) –
Through our network of associates and corporations in the Middle East and India, Aryan can support a company’s long term growth objectives through the structuring of mergers and acquisitions.

Financial and Commercial –
Aryan can perform due diligence and valuation studies with core competencies in media business acquisition and divestment.

Corporate Evaluation –
Aryan’s team can supervise post-merger integration and assist shareholders in creating synergistic structures that take advantage of each partner’s strengths.

Financial Management – Aryan can provide financial management of corporate resources within a tightly controlled budget; allowing companies to perform at peak levels while maintaining a flexible yet controlled approach to ensure good corporate governance.

Ambient Resource Management – This consultancy service provides advice on local recruitment as well as devising standard operating procedures (SOP) for HR Departments.