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Opportunities are only the beginning

Aryan can be your guide through the initial stages of any new challenge. Whether you are setting up a new venture or expanding into un- chartered territories our team can deliver the most accurate background research and preliminary feasibility studies to help you get started.

Registration and Start-up Services

Set Up & Registration – Aryan’s team of consultants and Arabic support staff ensure the set up of your company is a seamless procedure. We also provide counsel on effective locations for your business such as free zones versus areas that require corporate sponsorship.

Establishing Banking Infrastructure & Relationships – Aryan can establish a local banking infrastructure for offshore entities using our network of banks across the Arab region.

Designing the most effective work space for your organization – Aryan can source office space and our in- house I.T. specialists can design the most effective work environment for your organization.

Advice on Ambient Resource Management – Specifically tailored for medium to large corporations, this service provides advice on recruiting key personnel from the local market, as well as devising standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for Human Resource Departments.

Feasibility Studies and Market Reports

Provision of Industry Intelligence and Market Research – Aryan can supply up to date, relevant market information and
intelligence on a host of key industries including: banking, retail and construction. Our team of industry- specific experts can provide clients with extensive, targeted research and analysis.

Strategic Services

Advice on Corporate Structure and Taxation – Aryan will ensure that your company is structured in alignment with your long- term, strategic goals. We also dispense advice on taxation and tax laws including: international tax planning, routing your business through tax- free entities where possible and the establishment of offshore companies.

Taxation – Aryan also has the expertise to supply counsel for organizations setting up in other GCC states such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Aryan offers concise tax planning such as the use of contractual agreements to move contracts offshore and structuring main contracts to ensure compliance while simultaneously catering to corporate dictates and lowering tax rates through efficient mechanisms.

Identification and Facilitation of  Partnerships - Our integrated, regional network can quickly and effectively categorize distributorships, agencies and other strategic alliances that can strengthen your business.

Identification of Franchise Opportunities and Franchise Partners – Aryan can identify viable, high- return, franchise opportunities throughout our regional network for entrepreneurs or corporations alike.

Facilitation of Loans and Relationship Management with Lenders/ Financial Institutions –
Aryan’s experienced financial team can devise credit structuring programmes and leverage company assets in order to facilitate loans. Aryan also specializes in relationship management on behalf of your organization with lenders and key financial institutions.

Negotiation and Facilitation of Supplier Contracts – Utilizing our integrated network of businesses across the Middle East region Aryan can source long term suppliers for your business and negotiate cost- effective supplier contracts.

Business Re-engineering – Through amalgamation, centralization or decentralization techniques, Aryan can utilize your business’s inherent strengths to introduce new management or overall direction for a company.

Orientation Strategies

Establishing Industry Contacts –
Aryan can ensure your company is introduced to the region with maximum impact and assist in the establishment of industry contacts through the coordination of road shows or seminars across your target market, including the subtle but effective use of Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns through our network of Media Agencies.