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Advice on Infrastructure Management

In today's volatile and challenging business world, enterprises face significant challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, Aryan offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas for building and managing enterprise IT systems comprising lifecycle services in datacenter management, desktop management, database administration and web operations. Our domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies within an organization's enterprise IT.

System Implementation

Aryan will bring its in house and as required its outsourced associates in the deployment of new systems and execute all steps necessary to educate the client on the use of installed new systems, confirming that all data required at the start of operations is available and accurate, and validating that business functions that interact with the system are functioning efficiently. Transitioning the system support responsibilities involves changing from a system development to a system support and maintenance mode of operation, with ownership of the new system moving from the Project Team to the Enterprise Team.

It is through the careful planning, execution, and management of System Implementation activities that the Project Team can minimize the likelihood of damaging occurrences, and determine appropriate contingency plans in the event of a problem.