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About Us

Established in 1987, Aryan has been in the Middle East for over 28 years. In-depth knowledge of the commercial and economic conditions prevalent in the MENA region has enabled Aryan through its proactive consultants and its understanding of ‘systems thinking’ to be effective. Aryan know-how is available in the form of “pure” consultancy in the analysis, strategy and planning phases through to full hands-on involvement in the implementation and operations stage.

Aryan will work closely with its clients to define mutually agreed objectives, underpinned by a strong business case, to ensure that the vision can be made to work in practice.

Aryan Business Consulting fz-llc (Aryan) was established in Dubai Knowledge Village (a property of Dubai Holdings/TECOM) in 2008. Prior to this incorporation ABC operated with a Dubai registered Consulting license.

Aryan has with its collective experience spanning over 28 years of professional consulting experience in the Middle East region broadened its reach by working in a variety of business environments.

Aryan has gained in-depth knowledge of the way business works in the Middle East region. We specialize in providing clients with holistic, business solutions, assisting with a range of services from market research to establishing a new business, broadening a company’s reach and improving overall efficiency. Aryan is committed to fostering a spirit of 'collective expertise', aimed specifically at our partners and associates, which would enable our clients to secure a world-class package in management and business issues.

Aryan Business Consulting fz-llc is also committed to good corporate governance. We recognize that we should be accountable for our actions at all times, and strive to maintain an independent and objective perspective. Aryan Business Consulting fz-llc is steadfast in its resolve that its associates follow good business practices while increasing value for their stakeholders.


To be an innovative solutions-driven management and marketing consultancy providing complete commercial, financial and management services through a network of international associates.